Inkling Movie Review : [Rec]

[Rec] (directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza) is a movie that grabs you with a scintillating introduction- a quarantine effort is set into action for a single building in order to stop a potential zombie pandemic from wreaking havoc on all of mankind. In addition, the entire film is shot in a found footage approach […]

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Inkling Movie Review: House

If you indulge yourself in Anime, J-Pop, or Japanese cinema, chances are you’re bound see something that will simultaneously leave you in a state of fascination and disbelief. Some examples might include, “traps” (male characters who dress and look like cute women), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s mind-tripping music videos, and creepy apparitions that emerge from your TV screen (Ring). But […]

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Inkling Video Game Review: Limbo

Limbo, a 2D sidescroller by Playdead studios, is a combination of meticulously designed platform-based puzzles, interlaced with a grim and grisly setting that looks like a melancholic visual representation of the Otherworld; it is quite a bleak game. How I discovered this game was pretty weird. I just randomly typed ‘limbo’ on google images. I was expecting to find random pictures of people arching […]

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Inkling Movie Review: Audition

About 30ish minutes into this film, I was scratching my head and wondered if I was watching the correct movie. The synopsis of Audition sounded like a suspenseful horror flick, but you wouldn’t have guessed it was that kind of experience early on; It came off as more of a romantic-comedy. So just when I decided to […]

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Inkling Anime Review: Watamote

I’m sort of feeling conflicted on how I felt about this anime upon completion. There were moments where I thought that Watamote remarkably encapsulated the time of being an awkward teenager trying to fit in, yet I still found it hard to sympathize with the main protagonist, Tomoko, even though I do see a lot of myself in her as […]

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