Inkling Movie Review: Alien

Whenever horror and sci-fi movies are brought up in discussion, one of the movies that probably comes up the most is Alien by Ridley Scott. It’s widespread influence has spanned numerous sequels, spinoffs, and even a couple of video games such as Alien: Isolation. Having never watched any of the Alien movies before, and with Alien: Covenant […]

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Inkling Anime Review: Gakkougurashi!

Going into this anime, I was completely unsure of what to expect after reading through it’s synopsis briefly on Myanimelist. The promotional cover bears a stark resemblance to any other typical Moe/Slice-of-Life anime in a school setting (minus the dilapidated building). But one of the genres Gakkougurashi! was tagged under happened to be ‘Horror’. Initially, I thought […]

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Inkling Movie Review: Confessions

If asked to briefly articulate on what this movie is about in one fell swoop, my answer would be that it primarily centers around a story of grief and revenge. What sets this apart from other movies with similar themes however is that it isn’t mainly reliant on gratuitous violence and brutality (even though it is quite gruesome at times). […]

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