Inkling Movie Review : [Rec]

[Rec] (directed by Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza) is a movie that grabs you with a scintillating introduction- a quarantine effort is set into action for a single building in order to stop a potential zombie pandemic from wreaking havoc on all of mankind. In addition, the entire film is shot in a found footage approach […]

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Inkling Movie Review: House

If you indulge yourself in Anime, J-Pop, or Japanese cinema, chances are you’re bound see something that will simultaneously leave you in a state of fascination and disbelief. Some examples might include, “traps” (male characters who dress and look like cute women), Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s mind-tripping music videos, and creepy apparitions that emerge from your TV screen (Ring). But […]

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Inkling Movie Review: Audition

About 30ish minutes into this film, I was scratching my head and wondered if I was watching the correct movie. The synopsis of Audition sounded like a suspenseful horror flick, but you wouldn’t have guessed it was that kind of experience early on; It came off as more of a romantic-comedy. So just when I decided to […]

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Inkling Movie Review: Confessions

If asked to briefly articulate on what this movie is about in one fell swoop, my answer would be that it primarily centers around a story of grief and revenge. What sets this apart from other movies with similar themes however is that it isn’t mainly reliant on gratuitous violence and brutality (even though it is quite gruesome at times). […]

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Inkling Movie Review: Your Name

Some of the best films where teenagers are the focal point of the moviegoers attention usually leaves me with a feeling of whiplash-at times frantic and mundane, strikingly hilarious and contemplative, and emanates a slight amount of uncanny surrealism. These are usually the emotional connotations that arise in my mind whenever I introspectively look back at that […]

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