Inkling Anime Review: One Outs

Hiromichi Kojima is an athletically-gifted baseball player with an astonishing amount of accolades to his long and illustrious career. Unfortunately, his statistical production on the field has been wasted over the years since he plays for a lowly basement-dweller team known as the Lycaons. During one of his offseason conditioning trips in the island of Okinawa, he comes across […]

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Inkling Anime Review: Excel Saga

Over time, I’ve come to expect a lot of eccentricity and absurdity in anime shows that are driven by comedy; it’s something that I really love. Excel Saga, which came out back in 1999, is an interesting take in the comedy genre since it mainly parodies various different tropes and conventions within anime in a very  […]

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Inkling Anime Review: Golden Boy

Probably the last character I’d expect to be a charming and endearing protagonist in any show is a perverted deviant, usually they make me want to roll my eyes in disgust or cringe in absolute disdain. But lo and behold, that is exactly what I got in this anime. For today’s Inkling Anime Review, I’ll be talking about Golden […]

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Inkling Anime Review: Shigurui

When I think about all the samurai-themed anime shows and movies that I’ve watched over the years, I realize that I’ve probably watched more than the number of fingers I can count with my hands. Going into Shigurui, I was expecting something action-oriented with occasional moments of levity since that is usually what I’ve received from […]

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