Inkling Anime Review: Attack on Titan (Season 2)

When the anime adaptation for Attack on Titan came out back in 2013, it brought the relatively niche genre to new heights with regards to popularity and worldwide viewership. Their have been plenty of landmark anime shows that have aired before this one, but I don’t think their has been one that as amassed the rabid following and towering hype that permeates this series. Hell, I had friends back in high school who normally didn’t watch anime at all but passionately watched and gushed about how much they loved Attack on Titan. As someone who really loved the first season, (I haven’t read the manga though) the four year wait has been quite agonizing.


As I watched the introductory episode of the 2nd season, one of the things that caught my attention was how different the story felt in terms of narrative pacing. The prior season was filled to the brim with heart-pounding action scenes right from the get-go, while this one placed a higher emphasis on worldbuilding by expounding upon a deeper lore into the possible origins surrounding the colossal Titans, and the unparalleled dangers that loom upon the horizon.


One of the areas where I felt that season 2 drastically improved upon from the first one was how it got us to get better familiarized with it’s large cast of characters. Looking back in retrospect, I felt like the first season was a bit lacking in terms of character development since some of the background surrounding a couple of them were either glazed over or not really explored deeply at all. So, It felt nice getting to have a better understanding of the internal conflicts and moral dilemmas that some of the secondary characters were going through as the series played out.


On a visual and auditory standpoint, Attack on Titan delivers with flying colors once again. The amount of intricate details that went into the battle sequences are top-notch, and the music accompanying those scenes accentuate them nicely. I didn’t find the OP and ED tracks quite as invigorating as the ones in season 1, but they were still pleasant to listen to nonetheless.


Overall I was really impressed with how this anime turned out. Initially, I was worried that the shorter episode count would lead to a rather lackluster sequel since it does sort of give off the vibe that compromises had to be made. But I felt like this was an overall improvement to an already great series, and does an excellent job of setting Attack on Titan up for season 3 and hopefully other future installments.


3 thoughts on “Inkling Anime Review: Attack on Titan (Season 2)

  1. Great review! I haven’t read the manga either…so I also felt that the agonizing wait took way too long, but it was worth it in the end 😊 Even though the season had a few flaws, like the raining of way too many questions without providing enough answers, I really enjoyed it a lot. At times I found it to be even better than the already very impressive season 1. I simply can’t wait for season 3:….and so the agonizing wait begins again 😀

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  2. Great review! I only watched season one a bit over a year ago, so the wait was clearly shorter for me. But I did enjoy this season for the reasons you stated, though I was a bit let down by some things. There were a few episodes that seemed to drag and I became a bit bored, but I felt satisfied when finishing it. I’m definitely excited for season three!

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  3. This was a great review! Season two of Attack on Titan was quite the ride! I started season one last year and then read the manga from the beginning shortly after. Surprisingly, this season was amazing and followed most of the chapters to a T, especially during the more important scenes and battles.
    I’m excited for season three to air; I hope it delivers the same hype as the first two seasons did.

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