A recent experience with Sleep Paralysis

Hi squid kids! This is sort of a departure from what I normally post on this blog, but it’s something that’s really been lingering in my mind for awhile. A couple of nights ago, I think I went through something known as Sleep Paralysis. For those who don’t know what this is, the best way I could describe it is that it feels as if your body is in a state of limbo. You’re not necessarily dreaming, but you are also not really awake either; it’s somewhere in between. In addition, you are not able to move or speak, and you might even feel an invisible force weighing down heavily on your chest. On even rarer (but scarier) occasions, this might even be accompanied with auditory and visual hallucinations.


From what I’ve read on various subreddits such as r/NoSleep, I initially assumed that the people on Reddit who disclosed their personal stories regarding this strange occurrence were pretty much writing fanfiction just for fun. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case for most of the spine-tingling stories I read online because I feel as if some people do have an innate curiosity towards macabre-esque fiction. Hell, I keep telling myself that I’ll never indulge in horror movies and manga ever again, yet I always come back for more. I still habitually watch The Shining every Halloween, and I enjoy reading works by the Japanese horror manga artist, Junji Ito. But I can now say that this phenomenon isn’t just a morbid fantasy, and it was quite a frightening episode for me.


So I arose from my nightly slumber one morning at 5:30 AM, which is normally when my alarm clock app on my  phone makes a dissonant ringing noise similar to a door buzzer. But instead of the sound that I normally  woke up to, I was hearing a psychedelic Pink Floyd song called Astronomy Domine emanating loudly from the speakers of my phone . In my mind I was like, “That’s odd… I don’t remember setting that as my wake-up jingle.” Then as I tried to sit up and turn off the alarm buzzer with my right hand, I was immediately stricken with fear when I realized that I could only tilt my head, but couldn’t even move a single inch of my body. My breathing started to become more hoarse with each passing second that went by.


The first peculiarity that caught me off guard as I frantically scanned the room was that the Pink Floyd song that played grew more warped and esoteric as it looped on and on. Syd Barrett’s voice started to sound unrecognizable, and it was starting to embody the cadence of a demonic ritual. While this transpired, blood (or some other reddish liquid) began slowly trickling from the walls of my solitary domain, each corner of my bedroom was now drenched in the color of red. Just as the deluge of the crimson liquid stopped gushing freely, A enigmatic figure appeared out of nowhere right beside me to the left side of my bed. The hallucinatory entity appeared as a tall man in a black business suit, and he had a red veil covering his face entirely. This instantly reminded me of the album cover of the second Mars Volta album, Frances the Mute. The resemblance was quite uncanny and strange. I thought he was going to strangle me or do something weird since most stories involved the recipient in a state of danger, but he just snapped his fingers and then everything in my room went back to normal, and I was suddenly able to move again.


I’m still unsure of how I exactly feel about Sleep Paralysis. I mean it definitely was scary, yet I found it fascinating at the same time. As long as Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2 doesn’t show up, I’d honestly love to experience this again. I guess that’s it for now. If you guys have any Sleep Paralysis stories, I’d love to hear them in the comments below. Stay fresh!




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