Inkling Anime Review: My Little Monster

There have been a plethora of shoujo anime shows set in high school that I’ve watched where it literally takes many episodes or even until the finale for one of the lovebirds to confess their feelings to their crush, and then you have My Little Monster, where the male protagonist instantly (maybe coercively is a better word) expresses his attachment to a girl that came into his life. The pacing of the opening episodes really grabbed me by surprise since the introductions to a lot of anime tend to be a bit slow, especially those that involve romance. I guess a fair consummation of this anime is that it is a comedy-romantic tale about how opposites (in terms of personality) can attract.


On a visual standpoint, I feel like My Little Monster was surprisingly good. The environments were fairly varied and aesthetically pleasing, and I think the colors were utilized properly and never felt distracting to me as a viewer. The character designs were well done and remained consistent in quality throughout, I really enjoyed how the emotions on their faces were projected since it really brought both the humorous and tension-filled scenes to it’s fullest capacity. One thing to note though is that this anime doesn’t really have any fanservice, but I didn’t really care since the character development was executed quite nicely.


I found both the OP and ED to be bearable and pretty decent, but it wasn’t the kind that I’d feel compelled to listen to repeatedly outside of the show. Same goes for the background music that was instilled in the anime. It’s not bad by any means, but quite forgettable as a whole. On the other hand, I think the voice-acting was terrific. All of the cast members fit their characters nicely, and exude a lot of emotion with the cadence of their voices.


The first character that we’re introduced to is Mizutani Shizuku, a very studious bookworm who only cares about acing her tests. One day, she’s requested to deliver homework to one of her fellow classmates who has been absent after getting into a heated scuffle at the start of the school year. Her chance encounter with Yoshida Haru left a resonating impression on him since he’s never had a close friend in his life, which is a personal attribute they both happen have in common. The rest of the series is more or less centered around Shizuku and her quirky and (at times) contentious relationship with Haru. While Shizuku does provide an opening narration on how this show explores a story about a wide array of characters and their relationships, I feel like most of the moments surrounding the other characters were a bit condensed since they didn’t get that much focus as a whole. With that being said, I found all of the characters to be very likeable, despite the bold statement that Shizuku made at the show’s start not coming to fruition.


All in all, I think this is a series worth watching. The only major downsides worth mentioning was that the supporting cast didn’t receive as much development that I was hoping for, and the show’s conclusion felt rather ambiguous and incomplete. If you are looking for a romantic anime that’s filled with both exceptional character development between the two leads and also emotionally invigorating moments, I highly recommend My Little Monster.

2 thoughts on “Inkling Anime Review: My Little Monster

  1. This show is fairly good. The interaction of the main leads is what I find the most interesting aspect of the show. The pacing of the story flows just smoothly fine, unlike any other romcom shows that develop really slowly. My Little Monster totally gave me the strongest impression by just watching the first episode. The character of Haru and Shizuku is enough to make the anime worth watching.

    Thanks for sharing your views. 🙂

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  2. Inkling!!! I’m glad you reviewed this series. You don’t see a lot of reviews for it, and I think it deserves a lot more attention than it gets. I reviewed this last year (2nd review on my blog, so it didn’t get seen a lot) and I remember having a lot of fun with it.

    I like how you pointed out the similarities between Shizuku and Haru in not being used to having friends. That made their growing relationship pretty interesting to watch because they always struggled to find the right thing to do when engaging with others.

    I also agree that the first episode ramped up really fast, but that might be what got me initially interested to see what this crazy guy Haru would do. Also it was incredibly surprising to see a guy express his sexual love for a girl in the first episode of an anime, so a lot of things got my attention right away with this show.

    One thing I’ll disagree with you about is the music! Q&A Recital was my feel good song for 2016 (the year I watched this), and I couldn’t get enough of it. Also the OST Tetsukazu no Kanjou is just lovely and was certainly memorable for me.

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