Inkling Anime Review: New Game!

When you were still a child, you might of had a particular career aspiration that was constantly running through your mind as something that you’d hope to be doing in the future. Probably one that immediately comes to mind for a lot of people today is being involved in making video games. Upon graduating High School, Aoba Suzukaze lands a job at a gaming studio known as Eagle Jump, who created her favorite game when she was growing up, Fairies Story. Under the wing of the person who inspired her to pursue a career in video game development, Yagami Ko, we follow Aoba and her days at Eagle Jump as she helps to create the sequel to Fairies Story.


Although I did find New Game! to be really funny and a worthwhile viewing, I did find the way the story was laid out to be a bit disjointed at times. The main plotline primarily centered around Aoba and her group mates working to complete the next installment in Fairies Story, but a lot of episodes would diverge into separate stories altogether within the office environment of Eagle Jump. So while the characters were fleshed out nicely, I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get that much information regarding the game they were making. Another gripe (although minor) I had with the story was how it implemented fanservice. Over the course of this anime, you’ll get plenty of pantie and occasional boob shots from most of the cast. While some of these moments did make me chuckle, their were times where I did feel it came off as a bit crude and repugnant. But if you love fanservice, then this will probably not bother you at all.


While I never found the visuals for New Game! to be really groundbreaking or boundary-pushing, I think the animation quality was exceptionally done and appeared to remain consistent throughout the entire duration of the show. The colors in this anime are really bright and vivid, which really compliments the thoroughly detailed backdrops quite nicely. Usually I steer clear from anime shows that have a moe aesthetic, but I actually think it works for New Game! since it accentuates the light-hearted and humorous atmosphere of the show.


As you watch the anime, you get acquainted with various colleagues that Aoba works with under Yagami’s supervision. While a lot of these characters exhibit similar tropes that you’d most probably find in plenty of other anime shows, I still found them to be pretty endearing, and I did find their quirky peculiarities and interactions between one another to be very amusing.


The music that was utilized for the soundtrack in New Game! was adequate for the most part.  It didn’t really add any sort of minute complexity to the show, yet it did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the show either. If I was perusing through YouTube to listen to some anime-related music, I may occasionally come back to listen to the OP every now and then, but I probably wouldn’t bat an eye towards any of the other tracks. On the other hand, I found the voice-acting to be solid all-around. All of the voice actors emanate their own unique personalities with how they spoke, and I felt that they fit the characters pleasantly.


All in all, while New Game! is a bit lacking in the story department and the characters are derivative of archetypes from other anime features, I still believe it’s worth checking out. This show is chock-full of  jovial comedic moments, and includes delightful and sweet characters that are bursting with cuteness. If you can look past some foibles, New Game! is an anime that I’d recommend.

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