Inkling Anime Review: Plastic Nee-San

One quality of anime shows that I’ve slowly began to notice just recently is that even if they are conceptually different from one another, they usually tend to have a similar structure in terms of length. Most episodes are usually 20-25 minutes, and a lot of the anime shows that I have watched commonly last 10-13 episodes per season. So when I got around to watching Plastic Nee-San just to kill some time while waiting for my mother to finish trying on clothes in the fitting room of JC Penny, (I’m not much of a shopper ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) I was surprised to have discovered an anime that slightly deviates from these norms.


Plastic Nee-San is 12 episodes altogether, but each only span 2 minutes in  total runtime. So if you are the kind of viewer that likes to binge-watch a show in one sitting, this anime should be a cakewalk since you could pretty much complete it in 24 minutes. As far as narrative vision is concerned, this show doesn’t necessarily have a story. It follows three school girls and the bizarre hijinks and tomfoolery that they partake in once classes for the day are over. While the premise is sorely lacking in originality and scope, it’s able to compensate for this foible by offering some of the most scatterbrained and outlandish comedic moments in the anime genre. Simply calling it quirky does not even begin to scratch the surface of how bizarre Plastic Nee-San presents itself to the viewer. It has slight ecchi, crossdressing males, off-kilter violence, and a cornucopia of other strange occurrences.


While the entire show is more or less absurdist nonsense and not meant to be taken seriously, it does embody a lot of amiable qualities worth mentioning. The animation quality is solid throughout with no noticeable dips from beginning to end, which usually isn’t the case for some comedy-anime that I’ve watched. In addition, the character designs (especially the facial expressions) are well-done and easily distinguishable, and the voice acting for each roles carried a lot of ebullient energy and it didn’t feel phoned in at any given moment. Although, the short length of this anime is both a gift and a curse; the humorous characters and jokes never grew stale or overstayed their welcome, but it doesn’t quite allow you to develop a full sense of connection towards all of the discourse that’s thrown at you since they are told in a very curt and rapid-fire manner. Then again, the whole show is built upon trying to get you to laugh hysterically, not make you think deeply or induce an existential crisis, so I guess it isn’t that big of a drawback.


All in all, if you are looking for anime that delivers laugh-out-loud comedy in a shortly condensed time frame, I highly recommend Plastic Nee-San. I mean at only 24 minutes long, it definitely isn’t that big of a commitment whether you are a casual or passionate viewer towards visual entertainment. Just don’t expect a fully realized or complexly interwoven narrative since more focus is centered more towards humor rather than narrative or thematic substance.

9 thoughts on “Inkling Anime Review: Plastic Nee-San

  1. Looks interesting. They call this type of series as ‘anime shorts.’ I’ve watched one this season that runs for 4 minutes per episode and I think shorts don’t necessarily care about plot and all. And yes, I’m definitely looking for a good laugh so I’m gonna go and try this out! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I wanted to check out Plastic Nee-san out for a really long time, but unfortunately I didn’t found any good info about this series so, I had to drop the idea.However your post has given me a really good idea about the series and increased my curiosity about too. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Great review, and it is indeed a nice change of pace for a change. As much as I love watching Anime, I also follow a lot of other tv series and watch movies as well. (Not to mention playing games and reading books). This looks really funny indeed, so will be checking it out for sure. Thanks for this one 😀

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