[Rumor] Breath of the Wild might not be ready for the Nintendo Switch launch

Even long before the Nintendo Switch was even announced, it’s been commonly believed that the upcoming Zelda title, Breath of the Wild, would release alongside their new gaming console in March. Well, it appears like those dreams may be dashed if the most recent reports are true. According to a blogger and video game insider named, Emily Rogers, who has a proven track record for disclosing prior Nintendo Swtich rumors that happened to be true, she reported that Breath of the Wild may not be ready for the Wii U’s successor at launch. Through various “sources”, Rogers states that the arduous localization process for this game is still currently ongoing and may not be fully resolved until late December. She also goes on to state that a Summer 2017 release date now appears to be the most likely release date for this game.

If these rumors hold up, then this won’t be the first time that this Zelda game has gotten delayed. Originally, Breath of the Wild was set to be a Wii U exclusive back in 2015. But Eiji Aonuma announced in a brief video stating that the game would be pushed back in order for him and his development team to iron out the inks, and release a more polished game experience. After the Wii U has ended up falling short of Nintendo’s expectations with regards to commercial performance, Nintendo now appears to be shifting most of their developmental endeavors and focus towards bringing this large-scale project onto their next platform.

This news has left me with plenty of mixed feelings. While I do appreciate Nintendo’s attention to detail when it comes to putting out the best game that they possibly can, and pushing their supposedly weaker hardware to it’s absolute limit in terms of innovation and gameplay ingenuity, I think not having Breath of the Wild at launch would be a big blow for them. But business numbers aside, I’m sure that the end result of all this tinkering will eventually lead to an amazing experience that’s totally worth the wait, this doesn’t look like a Duke Nukem Forever scenario where a long-delayed game plays like a clunky and outdated mess. Judging off of all the demos and trailers that have been released so far, this latest entry to the Zelda series appears to be possibly the most sonically ambitious and colossal undertaking Nintendo has ever done.

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