Nintendo is discontinuing production of Wii U this week

As the release of the Nintendo Switch looms just around the corner, the Wii U era appears to be sadly drawing to a close. According to an article by Eurogamer, the last batch of Wii U consoles will be made this Friday, and then basically cease production entirely. According to VG Chartz, the Wii U has sold a little over 13.5 million units worldwide. This number is an absolute far cry from the breakout success of Nintendo’s previous console, the Wii, which has amassed over 100 million units in it’s prosperous lifetime.


Berg, Ricky. Still Fresh: Splatoon Coming to the Nintendo Switch. Digital image. Nintendo Wire. Nintendo Wire, 20 Oct. 2016. Web. 1 Nov. 2016.

If you ask me, I do feel sort of shocked and saddened by this news. My initial thought was that Nintendo would be still backing the Wii U, at least for 1 or 2 years into the Switch’s existence, since games are still being developed (or ported) for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 well into the lifespan of their successors that are being produced today, PS4 and Xbox One. But it looks like they have appeared to jump ship a bit early, and move on to greener pastures as an opportunity to start absolutely fresh.

Even though the Wii U is a commercial failure, I think of it as a wonderful console and a worthy investment for those that are still on the fence about it. I still haven’t gotten bored of playing Splatoon even after they discontinued the Splatfest events back in July, and the catalogue of first-party titles to choose from are exceptional in my opinion. Probably 10 years from now, the Wii U will be fondly remembered as one of Nintendo’s most ambitious and innovative gaming systems in their entire repertoire as a company, but one that was unfortunately held back by very poor (pretty much nonexistent) marketing. So if you are thinking about getting a Wii U, now is probably the best time since they’ll be an extremely rare and pricey commodity very soon.

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