Nintendo reveals the Nintendo Switch

After nearly a year of waiting and (mostly) erroneous speculation, Nintendo has finally pulled the curtains on their next iteration in gaming. Previously known as the Nintendo NX, it’s now known as Nintendo Switch, which is still slated to come out in March 2017. While the video that was presented only lasted for 3 minutes, it did showcase a lot of scintillating concepts and ideas that are ingenious in craft and bursting with so much limitless potential.

The Nintendo Switch allows you to play your video games in the stomping grounds of your own living room, but in addition to that, you are also given the option to play your game on the go through a separate tablet-like controller which sits on a docking station for charging. The tablet controller also comes with a kickstand, which will allow you to detach the left and right triggers as another controller set-up, or if you simply just don’t want to hold it up close to your face. Also, it comes with a “Pro” controller which serves as a more conventional design for those that are looking for similar ergonomics to the Xbox and PlayStation controller models. Oh, and it has Skyrim Remastered as well. I’ve never thought I’d see the day where a Bethesda game would ever show up on a Nintendo console, I ended up waking my neighbors due to how excited I got when brief gameplay snippets were shown. I can’t wait to play that game again. FUS RO DAH!!!


To usher in this new era for Nintendo, I’ve decided to make a Miiverse drawing to show my immense excitement for the new console. I’m truly looking forward to whatever they have in store for us. Tell me what you guys think about Nintendo Switch and what games you’d like to see on it. Thanks for stopping by, fellow inklings. Stay fresh!

3 thoughts on “Nintendo reveals the Nintendo Switch

  1. I don’t know why people are automatically assuming this is going to be the 3DS’ successor. We’re not going to know for sure until we see how well it sells. I mean, the DS and 3DS (and all their variations) have all done really well, so… (This isn’t really directed at you, just at all the people jumping to conclusions WAY too soon.)
    Also, fun fact I learned earlier today: Bethesda made some games for the NES, actually! I think one of them was a Where’s Waldo? game… There were others, but I don’t remember which they were.

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  2. I’m excited about the Nintendo Switch! I hope that there is a good variety of games, courtesy of Nintendo’s extensive list of third-party partners. It’s all up in the air, but I look forward to playing console games on-the-go, and hopefully what will be handheld-styled games on the big screen!

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